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Does The Future Have A Church?




A few years ago I was presenting at a conference in Victoria on the future of the church in Australia. I handed out a small paper as a take away reference for those in attendance.  Over the following months and years I received hundreds of requests for that paper and invitations to speak at other churches and conferences.  As a result of these requests, this book was born.  

Life as we've known it is rapidly changing. This includes life in the church. The age of Christendom is over. The age of post-modernity has arrived. Where do we go from here?

In this book I explore the way forward.  Not tinkering with non-essentials, but re-framing the whole paradigm - not

a new way of doing church 'the old way', but a new way of being church altogether.


Wow! Challenging, stimulating, inspiring, engaging, disturbing, down to earth and encouraging. 'Red Alert', written by Gil Cann, is a book that is worth reading and re-reading and exploring with others on your team. You find yourself not wanting to put it down because as it challenges long held traditions and provides signposts to a more relevant and appropriate way to be partnering with Jesus in his mission.

This book is for any follower of Jesus, especially pastors, church leaders and leadership teams. Don't read it if you simply want to cruise along. It will cause you to think again about...

  • our understanding of church

  • what we do, and who we are, when we meet together

  • how too often we neglect to acknowledge and commission most of our people for the vital ministry role and context in which they spend most of their lives

  • what sort of leadership we need to appoint

This book would be great for leadership teams to work through together. It's filled with many practical suggestions and ideas that have been well field tested.

Pastor Emeritus, Syndal Baptist Church
and Pastoral Coach, Baptist Union of Victoria

This summation of how Western churches got where they are and what do do next is accesible, accurate, inclusive and concise. Some insights may shock readers into wondering how we missed such essentials. And the advise is all doable - by all kinds of churches. Plus it's a straightforward page-turner so Christians across all reading levels can move together, towards lively mission in this new West. 

This is a wonderful book. Down to earth, honest, and brim full of distilled wisdom born of decades of generous and warm-hearted ministry to scores of christian communities around the country. If you've ever had the joy of knowing and listening to Gil, You'll know exactly what I mean. If not, you are in for a very special surprise. Take up and read. 

The world has changed...radically...such that any church committed to "business as usual" will find itself on the road to irrelevance and death. The Gospel, on the other hand, is always relevant and the Church's mandate has not changed. Gil Cann's appeal to the local church to acquire understanding, demonstrate flexibility, exercise creativity and generate energy is in the essence an impassioned appeal to choose life.

Outreach Specialist

Former National Director,
WA Direct OAC Ministries, Australia

Dean of Theology at Alphacrucis College, Sydney
Research Professor with Regent College, Vancouver

Religious liberty analyst, advocate and author

Director of Christian Faith and Freedom, Canberra




Does The Future Have A Church?


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